We are precious metal specialists, and also offer many non-precious and non-metallic materials as well. We offer items in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Titanium, Cobalt, Chrome, Aluminum and non-metal products including Quartz (GE Grade 124), Alumina, and Silicon.

Don't see what you need? Just e-mail or call us toll free. We also offer materials in evaporation pellets and continuous wire feed form, e-beam sources, and coiled metals for plasma spray applications.

We use precision lathes, mills, and manufacturing equipment. Stringent Q.C. and in-house analysis complete your order, which is packed and shipped according to your individual specifications.

In-House analytical equipment and Laboratories assure you of quick and accurate analysis and results are shipped with every order.

Purities of .999 (3N) up to .99999 (5N) are available depending on your application. Ask us for assistance when specifying the purity for your order. There is no need to pay extra for purity specs that may exceed the final product performance. Make sure and ask us how purity and analysis is determined so you know exactly what material you receive.

The "Target Exchange" program offers you the least expensive way to obtain a wide variety of Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium materials. Because you are supplying some of the metal contained in your returned target, the out of pocket amount is considerably less than if you purchased the target outright. This method also protects a good part of your investment against changes in metal market prices as well. 

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