Other Products

We offer a complete line of:

  • Bonding Plates
  • Backing Plates
  • Masks & Shields

More Information

Backing plates are available in Stainless steel, OFHC Copper, and Moly. These are the standard materials for targets  requiring backing plates. All are precision machined with tolerances to match your target order.

Hi-Temp bonds, elastomer bonds, and Indium bonds are all available through our association with Thermal Conductive Bonding (TCB). While other target suppliers may offer bonding services, this is a critical component to a target assembly and should be done by experts who do nothing but bond targets. Through our business relationship with TCB, DHF Technical Products is able to offer you one-stop shopping with a single invoice. We handle all the logistics and make sure you receive your bonded target on time, in spec, and as ordered. Sputtered diffusion layers prevent any bonding materials from contaminating your target, this is standard procedure and process at DHF Technical Products.

Masks and shields are available for most all applications, including standard equipment, whether it is a specific CD or DVD application, or something out of the ordinary that requires a "one-off" custom solution.

Why deal with 3 suppliers when you need a target, backing plate, bonding? Get everything you need by making a single call to DHF Technical Products. And we'll refine or reclaim any metal when you return your spent target.